lives in Brno and Prague

1957 born March 15th, Brno

1976-82 studies Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, M.F.A. Sculpture



1987 Presentation, Young Artists Gallery, Brno (cat.)

1988 72 hours, Junior Club, Prague

1989 Advertisment, Discount Drug Store, Brno

1990 Action-Site, Gallery D, Prague (cat.)

1992 N.Y.Still, Feldman Gallery, New York

1994 Light for Behemoth, Behemoth Gallery, Prague

Vechselspiel, Kunstraum, München

1995 Dis-play, Chassie Post Gallery, Atlanta

Telepresence, Behemoth Gallery, Prague

1999 Real Virtuality, Mánes Gallery, Prague (cat.)



since 1974 (apr. 100) - in Czechoslovakia & Poland;

since 1990 in USA - New York (PS 122, New School),

Los Angeles (LACE), San Francisco (Camerawork),

Cleveland (Collonial Arcade); Israel – Tel Aviv;

Canada - Quebec (Le-lieu); G.B. - Oxford, Derry;

France - Paris (Centre Pompidou); Japan - Fukui;

Germany - Aachen (Ludwig Forum), Köln (Moltkerei),

Switzerland - Fribourg (Belouard/Bollwerk), etc.



1991 The 4th International Video Biennale, Fukui, JAP

1993 Monumental Propaganda, New York/Moscow

Videofestival, ARCO, Madrid, E

Relics & Sediments, Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, A

Ost-ranenie, Bauhaus, Dessau, D

1994 Nature in Motion, Manes, Prague

Czech Electronic Image, Manes, Prague

Hi-tech/Art, Moravian Gallery, Brno

Video-Vidim-I see, Zilina, Brno, Bratislava SR

1995 Video-Vidim-I see, Museum of Art, Thun, CH

Hi-tech/Art, Moravian Muzeum /CED, Brno

Orbis Fictus - New Media, Soros center, Prague

1996 Crutch, Synagog Nitra, SR

Walker Lake, video

1997 Hi-tech/Art - Symptoms, City Gallery, Brno

On The Road, video

Peep Art, video



1979 Four From Prague, Galerie Wielka, Poznan, PL

1980 Malechov 80

1981 Mala Strana Courtyards, Nerudovka Gallery, Prague

Come Back to Nature, Gallery of Photography, Beograd, YU

1982 Meeting at Tennis Courts, Stromovka, Prague

1983 Art Symposium, Hop Garden, Mutejovice

Cross Corridor, Town Hall, Brno

The Principle of Hope, Museum, Bochum, D

1984 Archaeological Findings and the Present, Bratislava, SR

Minisalon, Jazz Section, Prague

1985 I.Kafka, V.Merta, T.Ruller, Na Chmelnici, Prague

1986 The Body in Contemporary Photography, Museum, Kromeriz

1987 Out of Eastern Europe-Private Photography, M.I.T. Cambridge,

Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, N.Y.U. New York, USA

1988 The Generation of the 80's, Gallery of the Capital, Prague

One Older/One Younger, Lidový dům, Prague

1989 Dialog Praha/Los Angeles, Lidový dům, Prague

1990 Dialog Los Angeles/Praha, Otis/Parsons Gallery, L.A., USA

Three Artists from Bohemia, P.S.1 Museum, New York, USA

40 Artists Czechs and Slovaks 1960-1990, Defense, Paris, F

Open Dialog, Künstlerforum, Bonn, D

1991 Actual 91, Künstlerwerkstatt, München, D

Art of Action, Manes, Prague

Festival of light, Linhart’s Foundation, Prague

Between Scream and Meditation, Dům Umění, Brno

1992 Discount Drug Store, Gallery Rennes, F

  1. The Grey Brick, Klenova/Klatovy

Gabriel,Kokolia,Mainer,Ruller, Castle Melnik

Grazer Combustion, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, A

1994 Manes for Manes, Manes, Prague

1995 Contemporary Collection, National Gallery, Prague

Real Images in Plasticine, Granary Gallery, Velkov

1996 Repeated Stories, Moravian Gallery, Brno

National Gallery, Prague

When Time Stood Still/1969-1985, Czech Muzeum, Prague

Moravian Gallery, Brno

Art of Body, MAC, Marseille, F

1997 Dawn of the Magicians, National Gallery, Prague

Chimaera, Middle European Photo-Art, Moritzburg, Halle (kat.)

1998 Body in Photography, Salmovský Pallace, Prague (kat.)

1999 Brno-Viena-Prague, City Gallery, Brno

FFA - Contemporary Works, City Gallery, Brno



  1. Expanded Theatre, Medzyzdroje,
  2. Aufmerksamkeitsschule, Maya Center, Poznan
  3. East-West Study Project, Maximal Art Gallery, Poznan

1986 Black Market, Galerie Maegert, Bern,

Bellouard-Bollwerk Fest., Fribourg

Lapidarium, Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart

1988 Mai Juku, Na Chmelnici, Prague

1989 Open Situation, Peace Caravan, Prague

1990 Black Market, Resource Kunst, Müczarnok, Budapest

Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken,

Edge 90, Newcastle/Glasgow

1996 Inner Garden, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw,

Castle of Imagination, Bytow,

Serpens, Palmovka Synagogue, Prague



Maximal Art Gallery, Poznan; BWA, Suwalki, Polland

Projects UK, Newcastle, Great Britain

M.I.T. Archive, Cambridge; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston;

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, USA

Museum of Fine Arts, Bochum; Tacke Collection, Münich;

The Black Box, A.S.A. Art Service, Köln, Germany

National Gallery, Czech Museum, Prague; Moravian Gallery Brno



Projekt 155/84, 172/87, Exit 2/96, 4/96 (PL);

Transformations of Contemporary Art - SPN Prague 1992,

Black & White Photography - Odeon Prague 1987,

Action – Environment 1974-1989, monographic catalogue, Host, Brno,

Contemporary Art 4/91, 4/94, 3-4/95, 1-2/96, Atelier 11/92 (CZ);

Architecture Sept./89, Willage Voice 38/89, News Week 43/89, 13/90,

L.A.Times 28.6./90, Artweek L.A. Aug./90, L.A. Weekly 11/90,

Art Sphere L.A. 3/90, Visions L.A. 28/90, Artforum 82/91,

High Performance 30/91, New Art Examiner Chicago 1991,

Art & Auction 1992, Performance since 1960 – Abrams New York (USA);

Variant Glasgow 12/92, Variet Art Belfast 1991,

Art & Design - Performance 90’s London 1994 (GB);

Inter Editor Québec 1991 (CND); Documenta 8 cat. Kassel 1987,

Performance-Ritual-Process - Prestel Munich 1993,

4 Czech Artists - Hocherl Verlag Munich 1993,

Europa Europa cat.vol.2 Bonn 1994, Neue Bildende Kunst 2/94(D)



1990 Pollock Krasner Grant, New York, (USA)

1995 Artist in Residence, Atlanta, Georgia, (USA)

1996 Visual Arts Competition, Arts America, Washington (USA)

1997 Artslink Grant, New York, (USA)



1986 Aesthetics Congress, Jablonna Castle, Warsaw, Poland

1987 Eco-Art, Suwalki Meeting, Wigry, Poland

1990 Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy,

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Art Creating Society Symposium, MoMA, Oxford, Great Britain

1995 Incident - Art, Technology & Phenomena, Fribourg, Switzerland

Forum Romanum Digitale, Roma, Italy

1996 Performance Art, Culture & Pedagogy, Penn State University, USA

1997 Body Imaging, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA,

1999 Ten Years After –On the Edge of the New Millenium, Prague Castle



1992- assistant professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, UT Brno

1993- head of the Video-Multimedia-Performance Department

1995- degree of docent (associate prof.), Academy Bratislava



1990 New School, New York; University of Tennessee, Knoxville;

Pasadena School of design, U.S.C., U.C., Los Angeles, CA;

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; (USA)

1991 Kunstschoola, Örebro, (S)

1992 Janáček Academy, Brno

1993 Center for Experimental Theatre, Brno

University of North Texas, Denton, (USA)

1994 École des Beaux Arts, Poitiers, (F)

  1. University of Tennessee, Knoxville;

Bedford College & Goethe Institut, Atlanta;

Exploratorium, San Francisco; (USA)

Charles University, Prague

1996 Haskell Indian University & University of Kansas, Lawrence, (USA)

1997 School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, (USA)

State University of New York, Buffalo, NY, (USA)

Art Institut & Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, (USA)

Xerox Research & Interval Research, Palo Alto, CA, (USA)

1999 TECHNE&EROS workshop, Media Institut, SFAI Santa Fe, NM, (USA)






1979-84 Artificial Landscape, Dalesice Dam(& K.Rechlík)

    1. A Comeback to Elements, Cemetery Bitov

1984 Panychid, Ceremonial Chambre, Cemetery Zidenice

1984-85 Playground, Slovansky Iceland, Prague

1988-89 The Gate, Incinerator, Brno

1993-94 Alembiq, Esoteric Club, Brno (& J.Preková) ..54-55



1987 Well of Beer Lahai Roi & Aquarius, Jihlava (& J.Preková)

1989 St.Venceslav, temple, Hustopeče

1991 Spring, park Lužánky, Brno (& J.Preková)

1993 Tree-Fountain, Höcherl, GMBM, Mnichov (&J.Preková)



1982 Theatre in Movement II., Theatre on the String, Brno

1983 Labyrinth / Comenius, Theatre on the String, Brno

1984 Buffon and the Queen / Boleslav Polívka, DNP, Brno

1985 Destruction of the Capital, Project, On the String, Brno

1986 Divine Comedy / Dante, Theatre on the String, Brno

1991 Europe Europe, Project, Journey to Delphi, Brno




1979-90 Jazz Section, CZ

1981-90 Theatre in Movement, Brno

1983-91 Aufmerksamkeitsschule, East-West Project, Warsaw

1986-91 Black Market, European Project

1988-91 Open Dialogue International

1989-90 Civic Forum – Committee for Culture KC OF, Prague

Action Committee of Czech Fine Artists, OF Mánes, Prague

1990 Board of the Union of Fine Artists, Prague,

chairman of Association of Fine Artists and Theorists, Brno

1991 founder of Open Dialog Foundation, Prague

1992-97 chairman of the Academic Senate of the Faculty,

member of the University Senate of UT Brno

  1. Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, UT Brno

























1987 Suwalki Meeting, Wigry, Poland

Rockfest, Palace of Culture, Prague

Erté Performance Festival, Nové Zámky, Slovakia

Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Art Creating Society Symposium, MoMA, Oxford, Great Britain

1991 Available Resources, Orchard Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland

Schützen Wappnen Entrüsten, Kugelbake, Cuxhaven, Germany

1992 Factum I, National Gallery, Prague

1993 Hermit -Growsrings, Monastery, Plasy

Transit, Hugenotten House, Kassel, Germany

1995 Incident, Belouard/Bollwerk, Fribourg, Switzerland

Exchange Resources, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Forum Romanum Digitale, Roma, Italy


Performance Art, Culture & Pedagogy, Penn State University, USA